Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | September 25, 2008

Another try

I’m trying the blog. Again. I’m hoping that I keep up with this one. I’ve decided that I am going to make a real effort this time! I plan on changing the look of it, once I get the hang of WordPress. And have a more interesting picture to upload for my header.

We are finally getting some landscaping done around the house. I went shopping yesterday for plants to go by our patio out back. It was a lot of fun sitting down with Rosie and coming up with a plan. We’re pretty excited to have something other than a big hill of dirt covered in weeds. Primarily ragweed, which makes me sneeze. Great to have that out of the way!

Landscaping, here we come

Landscaping, here we come

We spent one long Friday night (a few hours) shopping for the patio furniture…thought we could get a good deal in September. Well, you can get a good deal if you can find a set! After about 4 stores, we found what we wanted at Menard’s. Of course, everything wouldn’t fit in my car, so an early morning jaunt back to Menard’s on Saturday was in order. And then after church on Sunday, we went shopping again. This time it was for a canopy, which we found at Walmart. On sale too. 🙂 I love sales.

So everything is coming together now. Stay tuned for landscaping pictures. Ones with plants in them.



  1. Em,

    I hope you stick with this blog – I think you’ll have a lot of fun with it. My only criticism is the lime green color scheme. It literally makes me squint to read your post. If you need help with themes/headers and such let me know – I’d be glad to help you out.

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