Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | October 4, 2008

Gull Meadow Farms

What a time to not have my camera with me! After shopping for perennials this morning, I decided to stop by Gull Meadow Farms on M43, just outside Richland. I have passed it a few times and wondered what all they have going on there. Well, they have a lot going on! It is definitely a great place to take kids: wagon rides through the apple orchards, Pumpkin Lane (which has all sorts of fun stuff, including cut outs to stick one’s head through for photo ops; big bouncy thing; tunnel slide…), and a corn maze.

Last year’s corn maze (according to a nifty sign by the apple barn) was a tribute to President Ford. This year’s is a thank you to veterans that is sponsored (in part or in whole, I’m not sure) by the Kalamazoo Air Zoo. A plane dominates the center of the maze and it does advertise for the Air Zoo too. (I will have to do a post on the Air Zoo in the future.)

I was quite excited when I walked in the apple barn (with a big orange pumpkin…okay, not that big: 12#) and saw Cinderella pumpkins!!! My sister had let me borrow her Hallmark magazine that showed one way of decorating this particular variety of pumpkins. So of course, one went into my cart.

the 12 pounder and Cinderella pumpkins

the 12 pounder and Cinderella pumpkins

In the Apple Barn you will find all sorts of fun stuff, from fall decorations to Christmas decorations. I didn’t quite count all of their apple varieties, but there’s a few. : ) I especially liked their yellow artificial John Deere-themed Christmas tree. That definitely caught my attention from a ways! Also, I bought apple cider and *drumroll* half a dozen apple cinnamon sugar donuts. YUM!

oh so very yummy

oh so very yummy

Since it was a beautiful day, it was quite crowded. But they do have evening hours during the week. Here is their website:

If you live in southwest Michigan, try to make it to Gull Meadow Farms. You won’t be disappointed!


  1. While wondering around the internet searching “gull meadow farms” I found your blog. I have worked at the farm for many years now and really needed a pick me up about everything that we try to provide to our customers. Thank you so much for providing that pick-me-up I was looking for.

    Let me know how much we owe you for the blog… : )

    Thanks again,

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