Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | October 15, 2008

Jury Duty

I have had a taste of our judicial system. And it was a funky taste. On Monday I had to report for jury duty. Since I wasn’t 100% sure of where I was going, I used my GPS. This is the first time I’ve had a problem with it. The doggone thing was going to get me to the courthouse, but via the last destination in the GPS (which would be a house my hubby visited to buy a truck). As I was driving at the time, I just decided to rely on my memory of the route I had looked at on Google. I arrived 10 minutes before the absolute latest that I could arrive. Phew. (I did break the speed limit more than once en route.)

Jury selection is done at the old courthouse. I wish I could take a camera in there! The woodwork and architecture is beautiful and timeless. Unfortunately, a drawback is that the carpet and paint may have been updated, but the thin wooden chairs that one sits upon have not. Needless to say, after a morning spent sitting on these, my lower back and hips are still sore two days later.

At first, I thought the process to be intriguing. My thinking was, “I finally get to see if John Grisham really does write from real life!” Typical, I know. And yes, it is just like Mr. Grisham writes about: it starts out interesting and exciting, and then the lawyers ask the selected jury members the same question six different ways and it then becomes TEDIOUS. And this being an old courthouse, the ceilings are quite high, which makes it hard to hear soft-spoken people (i.e. the plaintiff’s lawyer, as well as people in the jury box). Since I am under strict orders by the judge, I cannot disclose what the case is about. As if they read blogs to see if people are talking about a medical malpractice case.

As we are all human, one cannot help but begin to automatically judge others upon seeing them walk into the court room. One is obviously dressed in an expensive and tasteful suit while the other is in a long-sleeved, flannel button-up shirt and black jeans. Defendant versus plaintiff. Money versus not so much. Upper class versus middle to lower. See all the snap judgements one can make in just a minute or so of observation? And of course, at the same time, I am telling myself not to do this in case my number is drawn from the metal box and I have to go and sit in the jury box. It is not conducive to being impartial when one starts to make judgements so quickly.

Ah, but isn’t that what we all do, every day? Judge others. And it is neither fair or impartial. I’m attempting to get a life lesson out of my jury duty experience.

And on a complete side note: Hubby and I went to deliver his Jimmy and trailer (to help with moving) to his brother last night. My brother-in-law lives in a trailer park, until he closes on his house next week. Yay for him! Well, I pulled into the “over flow” lot (I use that term oh-so-loosely, since it’s just a patch of bare dirt where the septic trucks can pull in to pump the tanks.) I had noticed a dad and some kids out walking around. Well, one of the kids is right outside my car when I pull in. As I open my door and am grabbing my purse, this kid walks right over, plants his dirty hands on my leg and starts peering in my car and jabbering away in a language that is all his own. I did learn that his name is Dylan, since dad started getting after him for not listening and wandering away. I also got to inhale some second-hand smoke from dad as he came to get Dylan and take him back home. Lovely. Well, I related this story to my brother-in-law, and he said this same kid has turned up in his driveway, and just sits and stares at his trailer. Kind of creeps my BIL out. One more thing to add to his list of Why I’m Glad I Have a House.



  1. Hey Sis.
    Chin up. Just wanted to say I love ya.
    Seems you didn’t get your number pulled out of the box?

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