Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | October 21, 2008

Random Rambling: Marriage

I adore my husband. I love him more than words can say. But we share qualities that aren’t always good to share. Such as the fact that neither of us are morning people. Thus, he has his alarm set for the latest possible minute for him to get up in the morning. Which is fine, except on Fridays. That day we go to work together, since that’s the only day of the week that I work all day. Anyhoo, I like to shower in the morning; it works as a wake-up stimulus for me (much like caffeine). Not really possible when Hubby only gives me 5 minutes to get ready. You’re probably thinking, “Why doesn’t she have her own alarm clock?” Well, I do. It’s in our office/my craft room downstairs for when I want some music while I work. : )

The main thing: hubby does NOT wake to his alarm clock. This thing blares right by his head. Wakes me up right away. So I then gently nudge him (which he thinks is kind of mean) to wake him up enough to hit the snooze or turn off the alarm. I used to (after way too many times of this doggone alarm going off) lunge over him to hit the snooze. That didn’t make him happy. Made me happy, though! A few more minutes of quiet. Once, and this was before we were married, his roommate’s girlfriend freaked him out by knocking on the outside door of the master bedroom. She had heard his alarm going off for a while and was concerned about him, thinking that maybe he wasn’t well. Nope, just sleeping hard.

Another thing: we are both bedhogs. But I’m pretty sure that after a year of marriage that I’m almost cured of the habit. I don’t hog the bed nearly as much as Hubby. I will wake up in the night for reasons unknown until I realize that my amount of bed space has shrunk to only the width of my body. I’m not a big person, so that doesn’t leave me with much. I’m sure that in his unconscious state, my hubby is still sleeping like he’s a bachelor. We have a queen and have seriously discussed upgrading to a king. But we really shouldn’t have to, right? I do have a tendency to push a little on my hubby so that I can have more room, waking him up (somewhat) in the process so then he at least moves a couple inches.

A downside is that my hubby is quite physical in his sleep. I have been punched in the back (with two fists, not one…funny dream that made him do that, which is another post all on its own), kneed in my rump, elbowed in the head, bumped in the head. The head “injuries” are the result of him throwing his arms over his head in his sleep and then at some point thinking that his arms are cold and bringing them down. On me. Rude awakening, let me tell you. I know I’ve never woken him up with my thrashing around.

We both have it good, though. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression. He no longer has to concern himself with grocery shopping or cooking (that often) and I have free car maintenance. Ah, the beauty of marrying a mechanic! What can be better than marrying your best friend and spending the rest of your life with that person? And getting to really know them after the vows are said and you’ve moved in. : )

*sigh* And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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