Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | October 25, 2008

Craft: Dress up a plain candle

I decided to make pretty some candles I had purchased. Clearance candles at Hobby Lobby, one of my favorite stores! Anyhoo, I decided to get out some scrapbook supplies and go to it.

Supplies used:

Plain candle, ribbon, adhesive, glue pad, glitter, stapler, stamp, scrapbook paper

*The size for your candle wrapper will depend upon the size of your candle.

I cut my background piece (the brown paper) to 9 3/4″ x 3″, my large square (light orange) 3″x3″, and I used my Marvy Uchida 2″ square punch for the foremost square (dark orange).

I then cut my ribbon about an inch longer than the background paper, so that the ends would wrap around it (which makes it look nice and neat). I used my scrapbook adhesive that puts out the little sticky strips to hold the ribbon to the paper. I did not want to use glue, for fear of it showing through my light-weight ribbon.

I am loving my Martha Stewart Crafts glitter! I have fun with it. : ) I did notice that when using the glue pad to make sure you press down hard to get a good layer of glue on the stamp. Here’s a picture that shows not enough glue versus enough:

The glitter doesn’t stick very well to a small amount of glue!

I used craft glue to place the stamped and glittered square to the ribboned background paper. To find where to staple it together, I wrapped it around the candle and used a 4H pencil to mark how tight I wanted it. Once stapled, I just slipped it on the candle.

For the one on the left, I stamped GIVE THANKS on the brown paper. On the right, I just wrote HAPPY FALL. Simple to do, yet makes the candles look more festive and better looking for gift giving.



  1. Very crafty Sis!
    Gonna have to steal the idea.

  2. Great ideas. I work at a candle making shop and we make beeswax and soy candles. I love your simple ideas.


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