Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | December 9, 2008

God’s watching over us

My brother called this morning to let me know that my sis-in-law had rolled over their truck, but that she walked away with just a few bruises and a sore elbow.

Praise the Lord!

He was pretty shook up when telling me what happened and apologized for rambling, which wasn’t necessary. When getting ready to leave the house to go to his wife, he said all he could pray was, “God!” A simple prayer, probably the most simple one we can pray, and yet God knows all that we’re praying for and about in just that one word.

And that’s amazing. God is good.

Sometimes the simplest prayers can be quite powerful. And even though it’s rough that my sis-in-law had an accident and is sore and bruised, thank God that He was keeping watch over her and didn’t allow it to be worse.

My simple prayer today has been “Thank you, God!”

My brother’s account of the accident can be found on his blog.


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