Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | January 13, 2009

Small manufacturers beware!

On’s blog, I usually find interesting and inspiring crafts (and sometimes the unusual). Yet today when I checked the blog, I was surprised and horrified at a post I read. In a nutshell, a law was passed that is supposed to crack down on the selling of goods and testing that the goods meet certain requirements. Here is a quote from the post:

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) has the unintended consequence of requiring individual expensive testing of products to make sure they’re free of lead and other hazardous materials before they can be sold in the US.

Turtle Park Tots calculated the true cost of the tests that are going to be implemented in February. Here is the total:

I calculated the costs based on my current Winter Collection and assuming that each component test cost between $75-$100. Not included in these costs are the cost of each test item (they are destroyed in the testing process) and the cost of shipping the items to China since that’s where most of the testing facilities are located.

Materials used in Winter Collection: certified organic cotton fabric, certified organic terry cloth, certified organic cotton fleece, poly thread, velcro, cotton fabric, poly anti-pill fleece, cotton chenille

The numbers: $25325 – $29100 to test the Turtle Park Tots Winter Collection

How can a small, independent business cover those astronomical costs? We need to boost our economy, not send it further into an abyss. How will putting the screws to the “little man” benefit anyone?! This is an outrage.

I agree completely with an article posted by Kathleen Fasanella on the Fashion Incubator‘s blog last November. In this article, Ms. Fasanella encourages everyone to write to their congressman, to their local papers, write about it on blogs; wherever you write, just get the word out. She spurs everyone to join the grassroots campaign, and the forum that began last fall.

This law passed 424 votes to 1. It may be rescinded, but how many small businesses will suffer and essentially phase out first?

For those in Michigan’s Third District, the congressman is Vernon J. Ehlers, and his site is found here. And if you are in Michigan’s 87th District, the State Representative is Brian Calley.

Please, pass this on and encourage others to spread the word!

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