Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | April 16, 2009

Spring has almost sprung!


Spring is almost settling in here in Michigan, where last Monday I came home from Vegas to a horrible snowstorm. That was not fun. Yet, it is Michigan and the weather is fairly unpredictable (no matter what the weatherman says). And yet, a feeling of spring is permeating the air. It is mingling with the new sprouts and shoots coming forth from the ground.

That makes me excited.

A few weeks ago I planted some seeds for my garden. After listening to my brother, I decided that starting my plants from seeds this year was the way to go. Especially after disappointments from seedlings I purchased last year. This was seems more economical, and it is actually a lot of fun (for me at least) to watch the little guys shoot up from the planting mix. I am like a child, all excited to witness plant life. I have tomatoes, poppies, sunflowers, green beans, sage, lemon balm, lettuce, marigolds, and more…I could not talk my brother or sister into sharing 1000 green onion seeds with me or 600 carrot seeds. I still want to purchase those on my own and as I am writing this it dawned on me that those were the other items I wanted to get at Meijer tonight. Oh well.

I am bummed that my cucumber seeds have still not yet arrived. Everything else I ordered from Park Seed has come in and is turning out to be a good investment so far. I purchased one of their  bio dome seed starters, and I highly recommend it. It came with everything one needs to start seeds, and I particularly like the soil sponges. You just push those little suckers in the foam tray and place your seeds on top or in the pre-existing hole (depending upon seed size), pour water in the tray, put the lid on, and Viola! You are on your way to a garden. It was definitely worth the $25. All I need to purchase next year are more soil sponges.

I had a small and not-quite-as-productive-as-I-hoped garden last year. This year I wanted to try and be more green and economical by having a larger garden. I am still working on my husband to purchase a small stand alone or chest freezer for all these veggies that I would like to freeze. Also, I plan on learning how to can veggies this year. I would like to can my own pickles, but also my own tomatoes. I remember the gigantic garden my Grampa Smith used to have (I swear it was an acre!) and how he canned a majority of his veggies and was able to enjoy them all year long. Hubby especially missed the sweet and dill pickles this past winter.

Here is to all you home gardeners out there: May God bless you with bountiful and beautiful gardens!


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