Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | May 9, 2009

For moms

Adoration for Mommas

This is a day to honor mothers
Who do a most wonderful job
They carry us for nine or ten months
Or choose us to become their own

Mothers are a special gift from God
Who nurture, love and shelter us
The providers of PB&J
And great consolers when we cry

Our mommas defend and fight for us
Create safe havens full of love
Do the very best they can and still
It seems their work will never end

They are still our mommas forever
Whether they are young or now old
We can count on them to admonish
And continue to pour out love

So hug and kiss you mother today
Tell her thanks for all she has done
Do not forget that she brought you forth
And can take you out just the same

Here is a cheer for moms everywhere
To remember your sacrifice
And all your devotion to this job
May God bless you for loving us

Moms are wonderful creatures that God gave us. Sure, there are times when we do not get along  but they love us just the same. Also take time to remember those who have lost their own moms  and those moms who have lost children, as well as those who God did not bless with motherhood. Say a special prayer for them.


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