Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | September 16, 2009

Millions of peaches…

My brother-in-law has a huge old peach tree in his yard and he was generous enough to share some with me. So generous in fact, that I had many paper bags (to help ripen some peaches) covering my kitchen counter! Thus, my foray into canning began.

I watched my mom can tomatoes and make cooked raspberry jam when I was young. Well, my mom had decided to give all her canning supplies to a friend of my sister, since my sister and I did not show much interest in canning. Then I decided to expand my garden and thought that canning would be a great way to go. More economical and all that. And after spending about $60 on supplies, I was ready to go!

I guess that I did not think that it would take a long time to can peaches. Yes, I was slightly clueless. Make that quite naive. After five and half hours of work last Wednesday night, I had five pints of peaches to show for it. Along with yummy smelling hands that multiple washings did not rinse away. At least I was kept occupied while hubby was testing out a drag bike.

I planned on making jam and a pie (the pie is part of my brother-in-law’s payment for sharing peaches) on Saturday. I should have planned ahead better, because I did not have enough sugar for one batch of jam. So after putting the jam on hold so I could go get more sugar, I was ready to get this over and done with! At the end of the day, I had eleven half-pints of jam and no more peaches. I would have had an even dozen, but I must have filled some jars too full on the first batch. I think I did pretty darn good for my first time canning! I did not have to re-seal any jars, so that is stellar in my opinion.

If I can peaches again, I think I want to use larger ones. The ones from my brother-in-law were (essentially) free, but on the small side. Like golf ball small. I think it would be easier to half and pit larger peaches. It was an enjoyable experience and worth the sweat and slight frustration.

I am looking forward to having fresh peach jam on my toast. And now that I have a fresh loaf of homemade bread, I can have some tomorrow!

(I will post pictures of my jars of jam and peaches when I download them.)

09/26/2009 Update:

Part of my 11 jars of peach jam.

Part of my 11 jars of peach jam.

Three of my five pints of peaches

Three of my five pints of peaches

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