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Last weekend was a TON of fun. Spending time with my mom and sister, taking a road trip, going to the (first of many?) CL Fair…such a great time! We made it to Ohio in the time frame that Google gave (4.5 hours), no problems finding our hotel, and no problems finding the fair. Such a blessing. By the time we checked into our hotel and ate lunch we arrived at Day 1 of the fair at 230 and stayed until the 5pm closing time. (And I was able to experience Columbus traffic on 71 after 5pm on a Friday. And it really was not that bad!)

One of my first purchases was at the Homegirl booth, where I found an adorable little owl and a coffee cup cozy (say that ten times fast!).

{And yes, I will shamelessly promote all of those whose booths I adored and visited. And some were just so full of patrons that all I could reach was a business card.}


Booths I loved and hope to see again shall I ever go to another Country Living Fair:

juNxtaposition (where Mom found a funky necklace),  Laurie Meseroll: Mudcakes, Earth Angels, olive grace studios, llc (where I found adorable owl fabric), Farmhouse 1807 (where I found this wonderful orange-y and red and yellow and all around beautiful roving), La Bonne Vie (Sis and I found a $5 off a $20 purchase coupon of theirs! I also found my cowgirl necklace there.). So many fun booths, and not so much money to purchase everything I would have liked…I guess that made it so that I only purchased that which I REALLY REALLY wanted, right?! *giggle*

My sis and I visited one booth every single day. The Vintage Barn (this is linked to the blog, but there is a website too!) and The Rusty Bird shared a booth, actually. Fun, funky, wonderful booth! I adored the burlap and old button-up shirt aprons, and Virgina Shawver’s egg and nest creations were just exquisite! This booth was too fun, really. I oh-so-wanted to purchase one of the found paper journals (MUST look at these if ever you have a chance). I settled on a t-shirt (since I just really do not have enough t-shirts already. I like to think of them as one of my collections…) and some of Virginia’s artwork, which I think my favorite piece might be the itty bitty egg in an itty bitty nest in a vintage silver swan. (I have become quite fond of swans lately…not sure why.) One fun thing about this booth is that they remembered us each day! With all the people that came through their booth, they remembered a couple of Michigan farm girls! Thank you for that, Rolane & Virginia. I wish that I had taken pictures of this wonderful booth, but you can view some on the blog or on my sis’ blog (where she wrote a lot more on the booth and how utterly captivated we were). As my sis wrote: I *heart* the Vintage Barn & rusty bird.

One thing that I was oh-so-excited about and practically jumped around like a small child for: The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. I was so very happy to be able to get a wiener whistle, since I either lost or gave away the one I had as a child. Laugh all you like; this one thing made me ecstatic.


The Great Pumpkin Patch

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Sisters on the Fly camper

Sisters on the Fly camper


Bloomsbury Loft

Bloomsbury Loft

The Urban Farmhouse, where I found vintage Bingo cards

The Urban Farmhouse, where I found vintage Bingo cards


A bicycle built for two @ Homegirl

A bicycle built for two @ Homegirl

Sweet gum

Sweet gum

Well, there you have a few of the pictures I took at the Country Living Fair 2009. What a great trip, what a great time, what a great place!

And here is a quote that I liked:

Having someplace to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing.


  1. Awesome pictures Sissy! Definitely going to make a Girls Road Trip an annual event.
    love you much,

  2. Hello~ Loved your synopsis of the Country Living event. I was there too (the yellow Sister on the Fly camper is my little roam away from home). I loved all the booths that you loved and the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck too. Janine Pettit Sister 563

  3. Thanks for the photo of my tent on your blog! Glad you snagged some bingo cards, those things were popular! CL was great! I think we should all email them and ask them to please keep it in Ohio…don’t want it moving across the country. Thanks again!

  4. […] to her inside the card. On the left is an Earth Angels card I picked up at last year’s Country Living Fair. It gave strength to the scrapbook paper. I thought extra stability was a good idea. Pick your plum […]

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