Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | October 13, 2009


One of Michigan’s best assets is experiencing all four seasons. I enjoy the coming and going of each one, since each one has its own special attributes.

At the moment, trees are shedding their leaves and the remaining leaves are starting to show off a beautiful display of color. And also a certain scent in the air that only comes with fall. Hard to explain. Best experienced first hand. A coolness has tinged the air and has thus become sweater weather. I love sweater weather. In fact, I feel a need for more sweaters in my closet. I did find a great J.Crew one at Goodwill for only a few dollars–what a deal! Wish Hubby had sweaters that I could borrow (his are all too “manly”; i.e. would not look good on me).

This weekend we are going on a Jeep color tour with a large group of Jeep owners. We ourselves have a 1971 Jeep (I do not know the model) and hubby is working at having the windows zippered on by Saturday. They need some repair work. I know we are going to be near Yankee Springs, and we will be taking a dish to pass, but I am not sure where all we will be going. It is to a three-hour tour. ; ) Seriously.

And since it is fall, a trip to Gull Meadow Farms is overdue. I need to pick up some apple so I can make and can applesauce, as well as some of their fantastic donuts and a few pumpkins. I decided that I should go during the week since they are (at least this past Saturday) packed on the weekends.


I did make homemade donuts on Saturday. They tasted wonderful that night and the next morning, but now they taste extra greasy. Is there something extra I should be doing? I did discover that it is best to make them in small ball form rather than just a big scoop. They cook through better that way. I will definitely be trying them out again, especially since Hubby keeps mentioning how great they were…

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