Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | November 19, 2009

Craft: Birthday apron

When we were at the Country Living Fair, my sister went nuts over a few different aprons. At one booth, one of the “sales” ladies had made aprons for each girl working the booth that weekend. Quite cute and crafty! Anyhoo, Sissy did not find one that she liked well enough to purchase.

So when thoughts of what to do for my sis for her birthday started swirling in my head, I knew what I wanted to do! Make her an apron and use a pattern I had seen at a fabric store a few months ago.

I went to Field’s Fabrics in Kalamazoo, since I knew I could definitely find the halter style pattern I wanted to use. Even though it was about 5 months ago when I had seen it on display, I was sure (sincerely hoping!) someone would remember what I was talking about. Turns out that it was a Heather Bailey pattern, Daily Spice Halter Apron. I purchased Amy Butler fabric to use for the apron.

Interestingly enough, one of my favorite booths at the CL Fair, Homegirl, had products using Amy Butler fabric and I overheard the owner saying that she knew Amy Butler. I was jealous. She is just too cool, in my opinion.

On the Saturday before my sissy’s birthday I started on the apron. Yep, I am a procrastinator. But I had all the required materials. Between tracing the pattern (note to self and others: next time purchase large sheets of tracing paper so you do not resort to wax paper, which seemed like a great idea at the time but was a pain because of its slipperiness) and transferring it to the fabric (I had previously pre-washed it) and cutting it out and then sewing it all together (which used new techniques that I scratched my head over for a couple minutes) and pressing it, it took me about 10 hours. Is that bad?

I thought I did fairly well, considering this is the first time I used a pattern and that this project was above my skill level (and possibly the skill level of my sewing machine…). It is certainly not perfect like the one on the pattern cover, but it works. I had fun and enjoyed the process. And the best part–my sister squealed with delight when she opened her gift.


The Daily Spice Halter Apron

Close-up of halter detail

Hubby said now that I know what I am doing, it should only take me half the time to make another one. Sometimes his optimism surprises me.


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