Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | November 19, 2009

Craft: Re-purpose old candle jars

I had collected a few old candle jars (mostly from work…gotta keep the office smelling nice!) and was wondering what to do with them after I cleaned them. What to do…what to do.

I dug the jars out the other day, contemplating some more on something crafty. I thought of using frosted glass spray, but then Hubby suggested an even better idea.

Sandblast them.

I knew I married that man for more than just his looks. *grins*

Hubby bought a sandblast cabinet (used) quite a few years ago. It felt like I was a mad scientist sticking my hands in the gloves and peering through the small window. Awesome!

First, I cut masking tape into my desired winter shapes. (I need to buy some Undu to remove the stickiness off my scissors.) Then, I placed them on the jar.


Masking tape holly & berries


After that, I donned an old sweatshirt. The rubber gloves are starting to rot away on the cabinet and sand leaks out and it is a bit rusty. I spent about 30 minutes sandblasting the jar. The masking tape was nicely sticky and did not come away so that my design would be ruined.


After the sandblasting

I stuck my hanky (tied it around my face so I would not breathe in too much dust; the cabinet is not a tight fit) in the jar to better showcase the end result of the holly and berries.

I next took the jar to my craft room where I “painted” over the holly and berry design with Modge Podge. I did one leaf at a time and then the berries as a group. While the glue was still wet, I sprinkled glitter on it.


Glitter makes it more fun


Now that my jar is done, I am still not sure what I might do with it. So, I decided to see how it would look being re-purposed back into a candle jar/holder.


Glow little jar

It may look better with a larger candle than just a tealight. I like how it glows, though! Looks nice and cozy and inviting. Just what is needed in the coming cold and dreary winter months! And unlike the frosted glass spray, I will not have to worry about scratches ruining the look of the jar. I like the permanence of the sandblasting. My hubby has such wonderful ideas!



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