Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | December 9, 2009


A huge snowstorm is due to hit southwest Michigan over the next day or so. I am so excited, mainly because I would love to go snowmobiling. I also just love snow, especially around Christmas. Just adds to the season, I say.

And I am excited that I have snow falling on my blog. How fun!

I also need to get cracking at the homemade gifts I plan on making for Christmas gifts. I have (most of) the materials. I just need to make myself make the time and get to it. My sister is coming over in a couple weeks for a “Sister Craft Day.” Maybe this can become an annual event? Although there are some items she cannot see…

And I am also making some new decorations for the house and need to get those taken care of as well. Sis and I went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday for our annual first Saturday of December shopping trip. Target was a bit of a bust for me; I have to go back to get an item for Hubby’s stocking. But we had a great time and a yummy lunch at Fazoli’s.

And a note to drivers out there on snowy roads: Drive smart! It is not a good idea to pull right out in front of a line of vehicles (I was once involved in an accident because of someone doing this). Also, it is always good to drive with your lights on in bad weather. Makes it SO much easier to see you.



  1. Hey Lady.
    I’m gonna be expecting a sweet pea and blueberry gardening update on here real soon. You aren’t blogging dearie! ‘Course, maybe, perhaps that’s for the best right now ….

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