Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | January 25, 2010

Pregnancy insights

Pregnancy hormones. I thought I was informed on what they would do to me, but all the reading and listening to friends/family never completely prepares you for reality. Some are beneficial (my nails are growing so nicely!) and some are not (short-term memory? what memory?) and some are just goofy (that my hair will change). I have not (yet) had any crazy mood swings, but the emotional part of me is in high gear. Yes, I tear up over sentimental commercials.

I love looking at my little bump (although it is definitely more noticeable after meals) and marveling at the miracle that is going on in there. I have a tendency to rub the bump and stare at it. A lot. Usually when I am alone in my office at work. Although I was doing some bump rubbing in church yesterday. It is just so very exciting to know that a little one is growing in there! And God is making a miracle in my little bump!

I am working on clearing out the guest room closet, since this will be the baby nursery. I have everything from the closet and dresser spread across the room and need to organize it all in totes (the Christmas totes were $3 cheaper than the regular ones at Meijer!). And it would also help if Hubby would not add to the pile on the bed…

I am hoping that I sleep well tonight, since the past three nights have been duds. I am consistent on waking up near 4am and having to go to the bathroom (does not matter that I went three times since going to bed at 1030pm!) and then having a rough time falling back asleep. Comfort is an issue, and I do have a body pillow but it just does not always give me the comfort I need. And it does not help that (in his sleep) Hubby tries to take over the bed. And that he chatters in his sleep, waking me from mine. *sigh* I might not complain as much about the previous two issues if I was sleeping better.

Yet, it is all worth it. : )


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