Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | February 15, 2010


Hubby & I went to a marriage conference this past weekend. It was a community effort of area churches and was simulcast by Marriage Today. Jimmy & Karen Evans were the hosts of Sex, Love, and Communication. This conference was well worth our time and money. We learned things about our marriage and about each other. It was also a lot of fun, and there were lovely people who donated food (whoever made the homemade sugar cookie hearts, you rock!), as well as the church that donated their space (Otsego First Congregational). We were also able to spend time with some friends that we do not get to see often.

One of the main topics was communication. Since that topic was two out of the four sessions, it is important. Hubby and I discussed that some of the communication essentials apply to not only marriage, but all relationships. One topic that we felt was one of the multi-relationship applications was entitled: Training Your Mouth for Marriage. I will share some of my notes from Jimmy Evans’ session.

*God wants to use our mouths to build and to heal; the devil wants to use our mouths to tear down and destroy.

*Our words are seed-bearing entities: we plant seeds with our mouths; those fruits (good or bad) will come back to us.

*there are NO inconsequential words.

*You know your heart by your words: your words are revealing your heart and true inner nature.

*The only eraser: the blood of Christ.

3 Laws of Sowing & Reaping

  1. You reap what you sow. (Gal. 6) Many believe they will get good results from bad words. (Eph. 5:25)
  2. You reap much more than what you sow. In James, he writes that our tongues are “bits (horse) and rudders.”
  3. There is a delay between sowing and reaping. Every word has a germination period. A danger is frustration (not seeing the results soon enough). It takes faith to plant a seed and believe it will germinate.

*Our words build a monument to God (through our prayers).

**Words/prayers do not evaporate; they accumulate.

See how this can be applied to all relationships, not just marriage? When we realize the impact of our words, then we will be more mindful of what we say. Hopefully, and this is my prayer as well, all who read this post will be able to take something away from this. I know I did.

Happy Monday. : )


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