Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | February 18, 2010

18 week update

Total weight gain: 2 lbs. since last dr. appt.; 5-6 lbs. total

Maternity clothes? Love the pants; so comfy! Some shirts are still too big (borrowed a lot from friends/sister).

Sleep: not too bad this week. Still get up once a night to pee. Probably helps that Hubby has not been the chatterbox in his sleep that he was last week.

Best moment this week: Felt baby move!

Movement: a little “tap” feeling on the lower left side

Gender: ???

Labor Signs:

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie; just not as deep.

What I miss: the buzz coffee/caffeine gave me.

What I am looking forward to: big u/s! Only 3 more weeks.

Weekly Wisdom: I am taking this all in stride; love the changes in my shape.

Milestones: Felt first movement yesterday.


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