Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | March 5, 2010

How to: Celebrate 30

So today is a milestone birthday for me: number 30. Some people do not like hitting this milestone, but to me age is only a number. I am embracing thirty and having a great day! Why not celebrate it up as much as possible instead of wallowing in the loss of your twenties?! I am living today by the motto “With age comes wisdom.” Of course, my sister did point out that “sometimes age comes alone.” I am going with wisdom!

When my sister turned 30 (and she, too, was pregnant at the time), we went to Chicago for a Sister Trip. She also had a pre-natal massage and a fun spa day with a friend. She had quite the extended birthday celebration, believe me. And why not? One does not turn thirty every day.

Here are some of my thoughts on how to celebrate turning thirty.

  1. If possible, sleep in. In fact, try to sleep in on your birthday every year. I did not have this opportunity today, but that is explained in number 3.
  2. Be greeted with a smile and a birthday kiss from your spouse. How wonderful is that?
  3. Go out for breakfast. For at least the past six years, my mom & I have gone to IHOP for my birthday. What is a birthday without stuffed French toast? And my daddy was able to come today!
  4. Take the day off work. For about six years I have not had to work on my birthday. At my last job, I had it off with holiday pay. I am working a half-day today, but that is more of a favor to DH than a need to be there.
  5. Find someone who shares your birthday. I actually share my birthday with three wonderful people: my friend Patty (and we truly share our birthday: born only a few hours apart!); art teacher from high school; and last but not least, my nephew Sam. This somehow just makes my birthday(s) more fun!
  6. Have a birthday tradition. One of mine is going to IHOP. It could be something as small as using a special plate or as big as going on a trip. Make it a memory and make it special for you.
  7. Hopefully you can wake up to beautiful sunshine streaming in the window. Sunshine always makes me feel better and is more of an incentive to get up.
  8. Tell your spouse (especially if you are the primary cook) that you are not making dinner on your birthday. If your spouse does not ask or come up with a great dinner on their own, TELL them what you want them to cook. (Hint: most people are not mind readers.) I left a Post-It on DH’s toolbox stating my wants: fettuccine Alfredo with sauteed chicken and mushrooms, steamed broccoli, garlic bread, and peanut butter fudge ice cream for dessert. (I have not had this particular dinner on my birthday since I lived at home.)
  9. Take time for yourself. Enjoy “me-time.” After breakfast I went to Barnes & Noble and browsed the children’s book section (and found one I had as a child and have spent years looking for; now baby has another book for their library!) and sat in a comfy chair paging through books and just enjoying the peace and quiet.
  10. Enjoy and thoroughly celebrate the day God graced Earth with your presence! Tell everyone it is your birthday–live it up!

Have fun with your birthday. If anyone has more tips or traditions to share, please comment! I would love to read them! : )

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