Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | April 12, 2010

25 week update

Currently 25 weeks, 4 days.

Total weight gain: 22 lbs. Gained 10 in a month!

Maternity clothes? Looking for some jeans that fit my rear end better.

Sleep: It’s up & down. Hubby said I could go ahead and get myself the Snoogle (?) pillow I saw at BRU.

Best moment this week: Feeling Sweet Pea move is always the best. And having seen a couple old high school friends at a baby shower over the weekend was wonderful.

Movement: A lot. She’s kicking & squirming as I type.

Gender: Girl

Cravings: Sandwiches. And I want them cold! Darn listeria.

Labor Signs: none

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie and becoming more flat every week.

What I miss: sleeping comfortably.

What I am looking forward to: On Wednesday I will hit double digits! (For # of days left)

Weekly Wisdom: Patience is always a good quality, but seems especially important when pregnant (people’s unsolicited advice, unnecessary comments).

Milestones: She is kicking/punching hard enough for hubby to feel her more often.



  1. Hello! Delurking.

    I had gained 7 pounds last month and now I am struggling to keep my weight gain at 1/2 pound per week for the next two weeks.

    It’s so hard to gain just the right amount of weight.

    • I figure that if I stay within the recommended weight gain (25-35#), I’m doing good! My midwife told me I might gain a lot at once, just because everyone gains different. And I did not gain much in the beginning.

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