Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | April 12, 2010

Think before you ask

Since we found out we are having a girl, there is one constant question I am asked. And, honestly, I find it rude and unwarranted.

“Is [Hubby] excited?”

Okay…so what people are really asking is this:

“Is he disappointed that you are not having a boy?”

Um, gee…yeah. So because we are having a girl and not a boy, my husband must naturally be unhappy, upset, and not excited at all about his first child.

I shared this with Hubby Saturday night. No one has asked him this; he was surprised to hear that I have been asked. His response:

“Tell them I’m ticked.”

So, the next person to ask me this, watch out. I might just walk away due to the absurdity of your question. Or be sarcastic.


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