Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | April 16, 2010

Vent: Lack of Patience

I have noticed that society, in general, has suffered a great lack of patience. People are always in a hurry and generally only think of themselves and no one else around them. They must be very important to not have to wait in line, wait their turn, or wait in general.

It particularly ticks me off when my safety is at risk. For example, when driving home from up north a couple months ago (Hubby had the snowmobile trailer hooked to the Jimmy), someone in their luxury SUV was too good to have to drive behind us and whipped into the exiting lane on our right to drive around us at the last moment possible. Is it really worth the risk of an accident to be that impatient?

I just returned from the post office. I was mailing something for Hubby and the kind gentleman working the window was helping me. As I am filling out an address label and affixing it to the envelope, the lady in line behind me (the other window was busy) marches up next to me and asks, in a slightly impatient tone, “Can I just buy a book of stamps?” The clerk tells her “$8.80.” She responds, “Oh, isn’t there anything cheaper?” At this point, I’m ready for the clerk to finish my transaction. I now have to wait on her. She must be extra-special to think that she does not have to wait her turn in line like everyone else. Um, I waited for two women in front of me to decide how soon and how much they wanted to pay for their packages to arrive at the desired destination. I did not walk up and interrupt their transaction to be taken care of first. What really irritated me is when I left the main lobby, the cheap stamp lady was fiddle-farting around in the lobby looking at stuff. I was in my vehicle, pulling out of the parking lot and turning onto the road in front of the post office when she waltzed out.  She seemed to be in such a big hurry, and then wastes time?

This is what irritates me: You think you are more important than anyone else and therefore deserve preferential treatment. For example, the lady in front of me last week at Meijer. I had 4 or 5 items, so I decided to use the 12 items or less EXPRESS LANE. I prefer to use this when I only have a few items, due to the fact that it is supposed to be FAST. The lady in front of me had at least 17 items, and I started counting after the clerk was ringing her up. She was not even using that lane to buy cigarettes (also the tobacco area), so why should she be allowed to cause those of us that chose this lane for the express factor to wait even longer than we should? The lady behind me only had about 3 items. Too bad the check out guy could not tell her that she needed to move to another line. Truth be told, she did not appear to be someone you would want to mess with.

I know that patience is a virtue; I tell this to my husband often. But I also have to exercise extra amounts of it to deal with those that do not have any. *sigh*


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