Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | May 7, 2010

In Memory of H.S. Smith

Two years ago today, God took my Grampa Smith home, where he no longer felt pain and was able to rejoice with his Savior and reunite with my Grandma and other loved ones that passed away before him.

I am thankful that my mom was able to visit her dad one last time before he passed away.

I am thankful that I was able to know this stubborn, opinionated, and downright pot-stirrer of a man for 28 years. One thing that all of us that knew him learned was how to argue, and how to argue our position well. Grampa loved to play devil’s advocate, if nothing to teach us to defend our beliefs/feelings or just for fun for him. Grampa loved a good debate/argument. In fact, he thrived on them!

Grampa also encouraged (by his own actions) me to memorize scripture. I confess that I have not done as much as an adult as I did when I was younger. When I called to tell him I was engaged, he immediately quoted passages from Ephesians to me and gave me some marriage advice. He also said that if we went out to Arizona to get married that he would be happy to make our wedding cake for us. (He was still making beautiful birthday/anniversary/wedding cakes and passing along that knowledge before he passed away.)

In 2005, I was able to visit my Grampa during the spring break of my long-term substitute teaching job. It was almost one month after my birthday, and when I talked to him before I went out to Arizona, I had mentioned how much I loved his homemade cakes for me as I was growing up. The last cakes he made for me were for my high school graduation open house. By the time I arrived at his house, it was very late Michigan time. But he had made me a beautiful belated birthday cake, white with yellow flowers. If only I could have taken the leftovers home on the plane with me! That was a great last visit. I am so thankful that I was able to visit him, and have that time with him.

The first time I visited Grampa in Arizona was 1999, on my first college spring break. Many classmates were going to Florida or other party hotspots, and I was going to visit my Grampa. At that time, he only lived in Arizona in the winter and had a small apartment. So I stayed with my mom’s cousin and her family. And early Sunday morning of my visit (not too early by Michigan time), I awakened to a cadence as a group from the local Army base was out running. When I told my Grampa Smith about it, he told me he would take me over to the base in hopes that I would meet a guy and want to move to Arizona.

Grampa often came across as gruff and abrasive (which he could be!), but he loved God and his family deeply.

I wish my husband could have met Grampa. Seeing as how they both like to debate/push buttons, I am sure they would have gotten along fabulously.

I am sending hugs to heaven for you, Grampa. And remembering what it was like to have you hug me back. Love you.



  1. I love you baby cakes. That was darling and fun to read (through laughter and through tears).

  2. Emily –
    Thank you for that trip back down memory lane. It brought tears as well as great memories. Thank you.


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