Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | May 12, 2010

Birth plan

Last Saturday we had our prenatal class. Hubby thought he would be so bored, but even he enjoyed it (for the most part). At times it did drag a little, such as right before lunch or just before it was ending. Overall, it was worth going to and informative.

After having gone to that class, I am now thinking of trying for a natural birth. Before, I was pro-epidural and did not even think myself capable of having no drugs. My feeling was more power to the women that are able to do that, but give me the drugs! Now that I have a little more information on how our bodies are “programmed” to go through labor and how we have our own “drugs” occurring naturally at that time, I want to try going without any medicine.

A couple of the moms-to-be in our class were asking how soon they can have an epidural before the RN even got to that part of the class. They seemed to be a little more nervous, but to each their own. If they know their limitations do not extend to going without drugs, that is fine. This is a personal choice, and each woman is individual and different.

I asked the RN teaching the class if it is worth writing out a birth plan. She said it is, not only for the hospital staff, but for my husband and I as well. Hubby is my advocate when I might not be too with it to make a decision on my own, so it is important for him to know how I would like the birth to unfold.

*I understand that birth plans are just that–a plan. It is not written in stone and I must be flexible for what may happen. Bottom line: I want what is best for my baby and I.

I printed the birth plan PDF file from the Bump, just for a general guideline. I plan to type up my own and pack it in our hospital bag. Again, it is only a plan. And again, Hubby knows what I prefer to not have (forceps, vacuum).

One of the best parts of this: Hubby thinks I can do it. And that means more to me than whether or not I can actually have the natural birth. : o )


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