Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | June 3, 2010

33 week update

7 weeks left! Holy moly…

Total weight gain: 27 lbs.

Maternity clothes? You better believe it. So happy to have lots of crop pants to wear (thanks to friends!).

Sleep: Hmm…I used to sleep.

Best moment this week: Being complimented (more than once) that I am “an adorable pregnant woman.” How happy is that?!

Movement: She has certain times where she is more active than others. Midwife told me to do kick counts twice a day, but it is not necessary if she has active periods. I know she sleeps at some point, but some days I wonder if it is only when I sleep.

Gender: Girl

Cravings: Back to fresh, cold fruit.

Stretch marks: nothing more than what I had before getting pregnant.

Labor Signs: none

Belly Button in or out? At some points during the day, it is slightly indented. At others, it is flat. Depends on where Little Miss is at in the womb.

What I miss: Uninterrupted sleep..still.

What I am looking forward to: Only 1 week until my baby shower! Still trying not to procrastinate…

Weekly Wisdom: A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on. ~Carl Sandburg

Milestones: More hiccups this week–even Daddy was able to feel them.

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