Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | June 24, 2010

Island City

Hubby and I love that we live in the country, away from the noise and bustle of “city life.” Yet we like that we only live about 20 minutes from town, Plainwell. Plainwell is called the “Island City,” because it is surrounded by rivers, forming an island.

In the past few years, an effort has been going on in the downtown area to revive it. Compared to when I moved here (after we were married almost three years ago), the downtown area is much busier. New businesses have come in, building restoration has been done, and businesses have also spruced up their store fronts.

Some of the downtown businesses:

  • The Calico Rabbit Craft Mall is a great place to find homemade gifts and food items (honey, maple syrup) from local craftsman and artisans.
  • Down the block you will find Another Man’s Treasure, which has antiques and other wonderful gift items. This store is also just fun to browse through.
  • Hubby has bought all my jewelry from Hart’s Jewelry. I love everything he has purchased there, and their customer service is wonderful.
  • Heaven’s Petals recently moved in next to Hart’s. Their previous location had been in the Eesley Mill. Not only do they sell flower arrangements, but they have a nice selection of gift items (I have purchased garden gift items from them).
  • Across the street is a new quilt shop, The Dancing Dogs Quilt Shop. Their sign displays that they also have art glass as well. I have not been in yet, but have heard high praise for it from others.
  • Next door is The Treasure Chest, a resale shop. I stopped there to find some more clothes for Sweet Pea. Nice selection, and everything I looked at is in great shape (no stains, holes).
  • On the corner is Island City Tea & Spice. Yesterday was my first visit. I went there primarily because their sandwich board sign advertised that they are an authorized dealer for Crane’s Pie Pantry. I did purchase a cherry crisp for two, along with cherry salsa, spices, a dip mix, and two types of tea. I tried the Goji Raspberry last night and the Pink Lemonade this morning: both pleasant and pleasing. The ladies working there were charming to visit with. I will definitely be going back.
  • For restaurants, I have been to Rhino’s and Joe’s Pizza. Both have typical bar food (burgers, sandwiches), but it is tasty food. And the pizza at Joe’s is yummy, and their nacho plate is huge (Hubby and I split it). We went to Rhino’s on Sunday night with Hubby’s siblings and dad for Father’s Day. Much nicer and enjoyable since it became non-smoking. I had the prime rib dip and Hubby had the steak & shroom wrap. Both were scrumptious!

Now you have a glimpse at the downtown area of Plainwell. Though not in downtown, I have to mention Plainwell Ice Cream Company and Plainwell Coffee Mill. LOVE both places! I am fairly certain I have written about both in previous blog posts. If in the area, you should stop. Like my mom says, “There’s always room for ice cream; it melts around everything else in your tummy.”


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