Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | July 18, 2010

Eviction notice

Dear Little Miss Sweet Pea,

This is your official eviction notice. You should *kindly* evacuate the womb soon, as your mommy is quite uncomfortable. Mommy will miss having you with her all day, every day, every place she goes, but will be able to hold, love, and snuggle you to make up for it. This way Daddy can also hold you and love on you and snuggle you to pieces. He is also looking forward to you making your world debut.

So, please, baby girl, come on out! Come on out and play!





  1. Oh, I love this! Hilarious!
    Yes, It’s time to come out Little Miss! Her Auntie wants her to come out and play! Can’t wait to meet her face to face…. I want to pray a blessing over my sweet little niece and be a part of her life…
    Love you Sis.

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