Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | July 21, 2010

Things to NOT say/do to a pregnant woman

I have not had too many “dumb” comments made to me during my pregnancy. From what I have read on my birth month board on the Bump, a lot of ladies have had some inappropriate comments/advice given to them. I am just going to share some of the ones I have dealt with. Remember, pregnant women still have a sense of humor, but the point between laughter and tears may be thisclose.

  1. DO NOT, under any circumstances (even if it is true), tell a pregnant woman she looks terrible/miserable. A customer of my FIL told me this, on a day that I happened to be feeling great, mostly because I had an A/C unit installed in my office and felt that I was looking great. I did consider the source, but still not what us preggo ladies want to hear.
  2. Give a list of dates that will not work out for you if I deliver that day. Um…really?! You think I have control over this? And then DO NOT laugh, expecting me to laugh. You are not as entertaining as you think you are, mostly because you are not the first one to tell me this.
  3. Be polite–do not run into our bellies (that are obviously sticking out) with your cart/bags/anything and give US a dirty look. Like it is our fault you hit us.
  4. Stork parking at BRU is for preggo ladies, not lazy people. You better be cooking a baby if you are parking there!
  5. Do not say, “Wow–you sure are small for how far along you are!” I have taken this comment in stride, it has not bothered me, but I do know that it truly hurts some women to hear this. My reply has been, “Small belly equals small baby equals hopefully easy delivery!”
  6. Realize that every pregnancy is different and try not to impose your beliefs/feelings about pregnancy on every one else.
  7. If you have a “horrible” birth story, share it after I have my baby. You will only make me panic to tell me ahead of time.
  8. Please do not belittle my birth plan or how Hubby and I plan to raise and discipline our children. If I want your advice, I will ask for it.
  9. In case you do not know this, 12 ounces of coffee each day is SAFE & OKAY for pregnant women. Do not lecture me or give dirty looks for not ordering a decaf.
  10. Most of your pregnancy comments/jokes are not original and most of us preggo ladies have heard them many times. So do not feel we are mean or cranky or have lost our sense of humor if we do not find you amusing.


I sure hope and pray this little one makes her debut soon!


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