Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | December 31, 2010

2010: The End

Another year is (almost) gone. And another one is on the horizon. Hubby and I and Sweet Pea will be asleep when the new year arrives at midnight. At least I certainly hope Sweet Pea is asleep! And Hubby and I are not all that jazzed about seeing the ball drop. New Year’s Eve is just not the great big whoopee-do that it was when we were younger (and childless!). It is still fun to get together with friends and/or family, but it is not exactly necessary to stay up so late and ring it in as in the past.

This past year was quite a year.

And most of my favorite memories involve our little Sweet Pea. Surprising, yes? No matter the different books you read or the advice from family and friends, one can never be completely 100% prepared for how that tiny human will utterly change and enrich your life. Even while pregnant I was overwhelmed with love, gratitude to God for this blessing, and in awe over what my body was doing.

She was loved from the moment I found out I was pregnant. What an awesome Christmas present! And it has come full circle: Last year at 630am on Christmas I was giggling and crying at the two lines on a stick; this year at 630am I was up changing a diaper and nursing. How wonderful and amazing. And it was great that she fell back asleep for a few more hours and Hubby and I had another hour or so of sleep.

I surprised myself at what I did while pregnant. Who would have thought I would go kayaking at eight months pregnant, having to limbo under trees that had fallen across the river? I am thankful that my pregnancy was fairly uneventful. And thankful that my kayaking skills were better while pregnant! The first time we went kayaking in May I was one of the few to not tip. And going snowmobiling five times (taking it slower, of course). Although the first time I did not yet know about bambino. Hmm…those seem to be the only daring things I did.

A lot of my activities this past year revolved around Sweet Pea: taking care of myself; preparing for her arrival (the appointments, shopping, decorating); her arrival; bringing her home; beginning the journey of parenthood. How consuming she was before she was born! And so very worth it all.

I wanted to make a top ten list for 2010, but only have five. But the five I listed are truly the best of my 2010.

  1. Our little Sweet Pea. Each day is wonderful, even if it does not seem that way at the time.
  2. Seeing my husband become a Daddy. I fell in love all over again and more deeply than I thought possible.
  3. Deepening my friendship with my sister. Becoming a Momma has drawn us closer. (Sisters by chance. Friends by choice.)
  4. Getting to know more of our church family.
  5. Renewing old friendships.

Here is to many more blessings from God in 2011!

Sweet Pea


  1. #3 definitely makes my top 5 too. God is so very good to us that He would grant us so much more than we would even ask for. Not only do I love you as my sister but I like you as my friend and that is more than a double blessing. And that little niece of mine…. words can’t define…. May God give us all tons upon tons of Fresh Joy in 2011.

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