Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | November 8, 2011

Hello, Tuesday


Today was a good great day. Really. It was. I woke up early (doggone time change), as did Little Miss, who thankfully fell back asleep for a bit. Hubby was up even earlier and out the door before seven. Which is a rare occurrence.
Today being the second Tuesday of the month equals MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers). I drive an hour to go to it and though I am sure I could find a group closer to home, this one is so worth the drive. This is the group my sister attended and I had an old friend from high school invite me, and I have made new friends so yes, it is worth the drive! And it is only once a month so I can justify the trip.
And today’s topic was “The Strong-Willed Child.” Definitely something I needed to hear! I plan on picking up some of the books she mentioned. It was wonderful to find out (from people other than family) that Hubby and I are on the right track with what God wants us to do in regards to raising Little Miss. Including discipline. Confirmation is nice.
And since I am so near at least once a month, I went to my sister’s afterward. She treated us girls to a yummy lunch of packs: baked potatoes with taco toppings. And I “thieved” her high speed internet to FINALLY make Sweet Pea’s first birthday photo book. Yay! Took all afternoon because I never remember the way I did it last time, which causes frustration. And irritation. But it all came together and will be arriving in the mail next week. I love happy mail.
And I love happy days.

Thank you God for today and little reminders that we are on the right track. Also for time spent with family and sunshine. And the look on Little Miss’s face when she saw her Daddy for the first time today. Thank you for entrusting her to us to raise. We are so blessed.


  1. And for the wonderful smiles and hugs she gave her Uncle B. He loved that.
    Be encouraged, with God’s guidance you can take that strong-will and help her direct it toward a strong relationship with Him. Just look at Ms. Books!

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