Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | December 6, 2011

Mini pies!




I wanted to make chicken pot pie from scratch last night. I usually use my pie crust dough right after I make it. The first batch I made did not seem right, so I made a second batch. And it looked like the first, a little too sticky. So into the fridge it went to chill overnight.
* I use The Pioneer Woman’s recipe, Perfect Pie Crust.* I feel slightly shamed that I like this one better than my great-grandma’s. Sorry, Grandma!
Tonight I made the chicken pot pie and it turned out so scrumptious! Hubby and Sweet Pea both enjoyed it. The crust is so flakey. Mmm-mmm.
Instead of one large pie I decided to make mini pies in my large muffin tin. Triple berry mini pies. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. All tossed together with sugar and a splash of lemon juice. I carefully lined the muffin cups with the dough (I also lightly sprayed the cups with non-stick spray) and filled them all with fruit. I discovered that one of our juice glasses was perfect for cutting the top crust. They did not look super pretty, but that is not my mission in life. To make pretty food, that is. I want to make yummy food, end of story.
They baked while we three feasted on the delicious chicken pot pie with the delicate, flakey crust. Hubby wanted to wait until after Little Miss Sweet Pea went to bed to eat his; then he does not have to share. I planned on eating mine warm. Because that is how pie should be enjoyed. With a large glass of milk.
Which is what I did. And added a little blob of whipped cream on top, just because I can. And it only adds to the pie, so why not.
Enjoy the pictures! And try making mini pies yourself. It is so worth it.

**Pies come out of the tin in one piece when they are completely cooled.

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