Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | December 30, 2011

Green Clean: Grapefruit can clean a shower?

Have you heard of Pinterest? Have you looked at it? Have you joined up and started pinning?

I will admit, it is addictive. It sucks me in and keeps me pinning until the wee hours.

But it is a wealth of information. I have quite a few boards now and one of them is for green cleaning ideas. I became interested in green cleaning while pregnant because so many of the chemical-based cleaners have such a raunchy odor and made me gag. And then it just made sense to keep on that path after the girl was born. That, and making my own is CHEAPER

. I love to save money, don’t you?


Maybe I would enjoy cleaning the bathroom if I dressed up for it...

One of my pins (originally from re-nest) that I tried out today was using a grapefruit to clean the shower. I liked the thought of having the bathroom smell like pink grapefruit (yummy!) and not using Soft-Scrub (which, though it has a lemony scent, is still strong). I followed the instructions and started scrubbing away.

Now, maybe my soap scum was a little tougher than theirs, or I didn’t use enough elbow grease, because I did grab my scrub brush for the bottom of my tub. Or maybe I should have squeezed the grapefruit halves some more. It did not, however, remove the hard water stains. Again, maybe a bit more elbow grease would have been good.


! And the bathroom smells fabulous, and the scent carried itself across the hall to the girl’s room.  Maybe that is what is keeping her napping longer than I thought she would?

Happy green cleaning! And if you readers out there have any other green cleaning tips, please let me know!

(Image used found through Google Images, Melissa Ann Barrett)

***Because of the acid in citrus fruit, I DO NOT recommend using this on any natural stone surface (marble, granite, etc.)!!!



  1. Darling Sister- nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award…
    Dontcha just love nepotism! :o)
    Love ya tons.

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