Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | February 28, 2012

Moustache stamp set

Next Monday is my birthday, and I happen to share it with a special man. My nephew! Nephew S is quite into Hot Wheels and Legos, but I wanted to make him something. And he is a bit quirky, like me, so it had to be fun and funky.

Moustaches seem to be the rage lately, so I decided to make S a moustache stamp set. I started hand carving stamps a few years ago and found it to be quite fun. And I know that S would have great times with these.

I am not going to post a tutorial on how to carve them, because Minna from Teal + Tea did a great tutorial. And she uses the same tools I do, so that is why I am sharing hers.

Erasers from the dollar store make great stamps!

Speedball carver, AKA linoleum cutter. Works great, comes with 5 nibs. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.


Partial head and three moustache stamps: classic, the broom (my term), and the Fu-Manchu.

My proof sheet, which I included in the gift.

I spray painted an empty mint tin (not Altoids) green, after having done a base coat of white.

I had to do a bit of sanding on the lid of tin where some of my paint pooled. That way it would close and open easier.

The lid of the tin needed some added decoration, so I drew a moustache on a piece of cardstock ...

cut it out with my X-Acto knife...

attached it using repositionable adhesive...

and used my black Sharpie paint pen to fill it in!

Viola! The tin is finished.

The stamps fit perfect in the tin, all I need to do is give the nephew a stamp pad to make it complete!

My sister has confirmed that the boy loves his gift.

Psst–and that is not all! I have another gift up my sleeve that I need to finish. Hopefully it will be done by our birthday. (:

Enjoy your day!

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