Posted by: thewhimsicalbee | August 27, 2012

Adventures in the kitchen: Crepes

Quite a while ago I watched a wonderful episode of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” It is one of my favorite Food Network shows. I think it was about breakfast, hence the word crepes in this blog post title. Anyway, somewhere in these great United States, in a cute little trailer, someone came up with these amazing crepes. Nutella crepes. That’s right: NUTELLA. If you have not yet discovered this tasty little spread, well, you should. I am sure there are those out there that have not yet, seeing as how my sister just started using olive oil last year. (My next plan for her is to discover the joy of balsamic vinegar.)

Anyway, in this trailer out west (I think), this wonderful woman spreads Nutella on a crepe, then layers on sliced bananas and strawberries, wraps them up and drizzles chocolate all over them. Oh, when I saw that I had to try it on my own. Hubby wholely agreed, based only on my tantalizing description.

The first time we tried them Hubby used thinned down pancake batter. I was too intimidated to make true crepes. It was still a wonderful and tasty breakfast.

A couple years later, along comes Pinterest. And this gem of a pin. I read over the recipe and thought it could happen. I could add a new badge to my Kitchen Scouts sash: crepe making. (I do not really have a sash, but it kinda sounds fun. Or am I the only one that thinks so?) Anyhoo, that blog post took away the fear of crepe making. My first oh, five or six ripped and did not flip easy. Then I switched spatulas and greased the end and it was much happier in my kitchen. I am not a professional crepe flipper by any means, so I suppose I should make more to improve my skills.

This was the girl’s first time eating crepes. And she loved them! She ended up with Nutella all over face, throughly enjoying herself.


Lesson learned: spread the Nutella on HOT crepes. You will most likely rip them otherwise. Place your sliced nanas on top of the Nutella, then your strawberries.

*I did not have fresh strawberries, so I substituted my strawberry freezer jam. Yum. Then wrap up your crepe and drizzle chocolate syrup on top.


Hubby commented on how I made mine “look so pretty.” I responded that I had to so I could blog about our delicious dinner. I think I got an eye roll in response…


Try the recipe I pinned. You will thank yourself. I still need to try out the cream filling recipe included on that post. Another day.

Oh, I placed wax paper between my crepes as directed, placed the leftovers (yes, there are only so many stuffed crepes a family of 2.5 can put away at one meal) in an airtight container and popped them in the fridge. Breakfast is partially ready. Yay.



  1. Oh Yum! You should get the Bavarian creme filling at E & S to try with this.

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